Your children are protected from falls of up to 3 meters. All of the elements are tested according to EN 1177.

Our products are suitable for new and old playgrounds because they provide a cleaner and safer alternative to concrete or asphalt surfaces as well as sand, gravel, or any other classic playground surface.


Products from recycled rubber have a long tradition in the construction industry. Thanks to ever increasing stringent hygiene regulations these materials are used as panels for making sound proof barriers. Anti-vibration panels are not only applied in construction but also in engineering as a base for CNC machines, lathes, presses, hammers, etc. are also of high demand.

Regutec is also a supplier of noise reduction rails for all ground rail, tram and metro lines. Thanks to our products we are able reduce vibration and noise to surroundings and contribute to the quality of life in the vicinity of infrastructure.


Regutec has a 20 year tradition of providing a product range for horse stables. Our products were used in the Olympic Games in Greece in 2000 and the Olympic Games in London in 2012. We are not only a proud supplier of rubber surfaces for stables belonging to sheikhs in Qatar and the UAE, but also a proud supplier for stables for all enthusiasts and horse lovers!!


Our close cooperation with architects allows us to bring quality products to the market. You can find these products used as surfaces for balconies and terraces. You will especially appreciate the non-slip surfaces and thanks to EPDM materials you can have custom made designs. Panel made with a layer of EPDM are excellent for use as a surface around a swimming pool.


You can use this material as a sidewalk or a driveway or to protect the waterproofing of flat roofs. Rubber palisades and curbs are nicer and safer than traditional concrete.


We develop many new products for our customers every year. At the moment, we are developing special brackets for solar panels on flat roofs; complete supplies for indoor shooting ranges; technology and safety barriers for roads and racing circuits. We always give full support to our partners in the development of both the product itself and in the testing, as well as in the design and manufacture of molds for production.

We are currently developing several new products which will replace traditional materials. Given the constant stringent changes in noise norms we are developing and improving sound insulation materials for buildings and rooms.

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