Flat Elastic Mat

Elastic flat mat has been designed to provide exceptional walking experience of sport, residential or horse stable applications while reducing risk of a serious injury caused by a fall to minimum.


The easy installable elastic rubber mat is due to its non slippery, noise and blast damping surface and water permeability an ideal product for rehabilitation centers, sport grounds, recreational facilities, and swimming pools, simply anyplace where there is the need to cover inhospitable concrete or tile floor. Depending on the planned load and thickness, it can be laid whether in sand bed or on a concrete or asphalt underlayment. They are extremely durable and long lasting elastic. Elastic mat is water permeable thus dry out fast and in case of need requires just a routine cleaning with a hose, power washer or scrubbing machine and mild detergent.


An interlocking mechanism consisting of plastic connector pins preventing the panels from splitting once inserted, allowing for quick and easy installation is available on request.


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Flat Elastic Mat




Flat Elastic Mat




elastické desky


Elastic flat mat and Elastic flat mat with raster have been designed to fulfill the only purpose - to provide the maximum protection against injury caused by falling. The risk of a serious injury is reduced to minimum thanks to unique rubber flooring materials.