Noise barrier panel

Noise barrier panels have been designed to protect inhabitants living along roads, motorways and railroads from undesired noise pollution while using long lasting and environmentally friendly product. A noise barrier typically consists of the noise barrier panels and prefabricated reinforced concrete or steel elements.


To decide which product is specifically appropriate for the noise barrier panel to be build up, one has to first determine what sound absorption capacity is required as the panels can be supplied in different thicknesses.


The simple and fast installable noise barrier panels are appropriate for any noise barrier as their sound absorption capacity exceeds absorbing capacity of the standardly used materials. The noise barriers made from the rubber panels are maintenance free, good looking with significant sound absorption properties, water permeable, extremely durable and capable to withstand long-lasting unfavorable weather conditions.


Standard sizes:


ca. in mm

Noise barrier panel


protihlukové panely


Noise barrier panels, vibroinsulation mats and rubber rolls have been designed to protect building and their inhabitants located, e.g. along highways or railroads, from any vibrations that could damage the static of the buildings or health of inhabitants over some time.