Railfoot Underlay

Railfoot underlay reduce the transmission of vibrations to the rail bearings. They are made in various designs for various methods of fixing the rails and are laid under the base of the rail. The use of railroad stringers reduces the noise and vibrations caused by the operation of rail transport.


All these products have been subjected to tests of dynamic and static load, changes of temperature at intervals of freezing and thawing, and a test of time-dependent aging, under dry and wet conditions. No negative changes of properties have been demonstrated on any of the samples tested.


These products are characterised by minimal absorptivity and long-term resistance to climatic effects.

protihlukové panely


Noise barrier panels, vibroinsulation mats and rubber rolls have been designed to protect building and their inhabitants located, e.g. along highways or railroads, from any vibrations that could damage the static of the buildings or health of inhabitants over some time.