Stable Mat Special

Special stable mats have been designed to reduce risk of a horse injury in stables. The soft, elastic, warm and impact-absorbing surface prevents tendons and joints from overstressing while the antislip surface guarantees overall safer standing or walking.


For a horse, the insulating effect of rubber means less cold underfoot thus fewer problems with muscles, rheumatism and lameness. In addition, the sound insulation makes the stable a quieter place, while the water permeable dry fast surface reduces the smell of ammonia that is a common feature with other types of bedding, making the place more hygienic.


The special stable box walls helps to reduce overall stable costs because less bedding means fewer working hours needed for cleaning the stables so there is more time left for the riding. Less bedding in turn means less dust what contributes to a healthier climate in stables, and lower needs for straw storage further decreasing the overall costs. The easy installable stable mats special are appropriate for new as well as older stables.


The areas made from the stable mats special are eye-pleasing with superior shock and sound absorption properties, extremely durable with long lasting elasticity and require just a routine cleaning with a hose, power washer or scrubbing machine and mild detergent.


Standard sizes:


ca. in mm

Stable mat special



stájové desky


The stable mats have been designed especially to reduce the risk of a horse being injured in the stables. The elastic and impact absorbing surface prevents joints from overstressing and in the same time the anti slip surface guarantees much safer standing and walking.