Interlocking Paving

Suitable for rugged surfaces with high loads, may be laid upon compacted base

The rubber interlocking paving is intended for horse pens and circles, nursing homes, all-purpose sport venues and vet practices while it is sparing the musculoskeletal system and minimizing the risk of a serious injury caused by a fall. 


The rubber interlocking paving is resistant, it has an advantage of an easy manipulation and replacement, the paving joints are unbreakable, it is ideal especially for surfaces with a long-term load.


Depending on the planned load, the paving can be laid on a sand-and-gravel base or on a concrete or asphalt base. Its long-lasting flexibility, endurance and aesthetical look is a predestination for being used at wheelchair ramps. When used in horse stables, the paving reduces the load on the horses' legs, back and muscles. The coefficient of friction under wet and dry conditions remarkably exceeds the coefficient of friction of concrete, asphalt or other common surfaces, so it minimizes the risk of injury. The interlocking paving is a good water run-off and is maintainable by being watered with a garden hose or cleaned with a high-pressure or brush washing machine or by using environmentally friendly laundry detergents.

Standard sizes:


ca. in mm

Interlocking Paving



Our close cooperation with architects allows us to bring quality products to the market. You can find these products used as surfaces for balconies and terraces. You will especially appreciate the non-slip surfaces and thanks to EPDM materials you can have custom made designs. Panel made with a layer of EPDM are excellent for use as a surface around a swimming pool.


You can use this material as a sidewalk or a driveway or to protect the waterproofing of flat roofs. Rubber palisades and curbs are nicer and safer than traditional concrete.