Vibroinsulation Mat

Vibroinsulation mat has been designed to protect inhabitants typically living along road and railroad tunnels, metro stations and as well as from undesired vibrations that has often negative impact on a building statics while using long lasting.


The easy installable vibroinsulation mat is due to its high durability, water permeability, capability to withstand long-lasting unfavorable weather conditions, and over the years unchanged vibroinsulation absorption qualities, it is an ideal material for all building constructions.


It can be further used to prevent big machines like compressors, pumps, emergency power generators, air condition units and presses from the vibration transfer to the floor or other engineering constructions.


Depending on the planned load, a mat can be laid whether in sand bed or more typically on a concrete or asphalt underlays.


Standard sizes:


ca. in mm

Vibroinsulation mat



antivibrační desky


Vibroinsulation mats and especially rubber rolls have been designed to reduce the transmission of vibrations to the surroundings. All vibroinsulating materials are being made in various designs for various applications.