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Safety mats have been designed to reduce risk of serious injury caused by a fall from playground equipment to minimum and have been tested in accordance with EN 1177.


To decide which product specifically is appropriate for you application, you have to determine what fall height is required for your playground equipment first by contacting your playground equipment supplier or simply measure the height from the ground up to the highest part of the playground equipment a child could possibly stand on. The distance measured is your fall height that should guide your selection of the safety mat thickness.


The easy installable safety mats are appropriate for new as well as older playgrounds since providing cleaner and safer alternative to wood or rubber mulch, sand, gravel, bitumen or any other usually used playground surface. The areas made from the safety mats are eye-pleasing with superior shock and sound absorption properties, water permeable, extremely durable with long lasting elasticity and require just a routine cleaning with a hose, power washer or scrubbing machine and mild detergent.

An interlocking mechanism consisting of plastic connector pins preventing the panels from splitting once inserted, allowing for quick and easy installation is available on request.

The available colors are basic red, green, grey and black color. To the next group belong safety mats with UV-resistant EPDM top layer in five basic colors and their mixtures.

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